Daily Cooking, Daily Bakery, Daily Photograph and Daily Paragraph

……… are elements of my daily life.

Soup is an intense part in and of it, for several reasons:

  • They are easy made and take few time – You can prepare it with a few and fresh ingredients, few utensils in the kitchen and even during the time of lunch break at the office. And enjoy it more than a hasty snack to go. And that is where most of my own recipes have been created: In my office.
  • Soups can be made with expensive ingredients. Of course. There’s no limit. But they are one of the best meals in case You have to or want to cook with low budget but high quality for healthy food. You need few ingredients at kitchen – Your creativity will do the rest.
  • Soups are healthy. You can serve them as ouverture – or as a solo player for the main part. From spring to winter You are able to choose – without need to repeat even once. Don’t believe it? Try …… and see.

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Und noch ein Häppchen zum Mitnehmen: Hier sind in den letzten Tage mehrfach Bitten eingegangen, einen Bannercode zum Mitnehmen und Einbinden auf Ihren eigenen Websites bzw Blogs für die Suppenküche zu basteln. Ihr Wunsch, mein Service – avec plaisir, hier:

Bannercode zum Mitnehmen: Hochformat 200 x 300

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